Ministry of Finance MOF Application

How to Register with The Ministry of Finance (MOF) in Malaysia

What is the MOF Registration?

Providing services for the government sector in Malaysia can be an interesting opportunity for your company. However, there are certain requirements you need to consider before you can get started.

If you wish to supply products and services to the Malaysian Government you first need to obtain a license with the Ministry of Finance (MOF). It is a requirement to obtain the MOF license for companies to participate in the government sector projects including tenders and contracts. This includes providing goods, outsourced services, and consultancy services to the ministries, departments, and government agencies. 
You must be registered with MOF to be invited to take part in government procurement processes by quotation (valuated at between RM50,000 to RM500,000) and tenders (valuated at RM500,000 and above). However, it is still encouraged to obtain the MOF license for all government procurement projects, regardless of project size.

Benefits of MOF License Registration:

  1. Companies registered with the Ministry of Finance can participate in procurement projects through quotation and tenders
  2. Companies registered are excluded from the tender deposit
  3. Companies can showcase their products/ services and prices in the eProcurement system for marketing purposes 
  4. Registration may facilitate Government Agencies to invite your company for quotation or tenders

How do I obtain the MOF License?

Registering for the MOF License can be done by your company representative without the need to use a service provider like a company secretary as an agent. We have made a short guide on how to register for the MOF License:

  1. Ensure your company is incorporated as a Sdn Bhd
  2. Prepare the required supporting documents for registration:
    • Latest 3 months Bank statements
    • Latest 3 months KWSP statements
    • Company profile stating the details of all directors & shareholders
    • 1 set of certified true copy (CTC) form 49, 24, 44/Section 14, M&A if available and Section 17
    • 1 copy of certified true copy (CTC) for Board Resolution to open bank account
    • Field code for the businesses
    • A copy of identification for all directors
    • Relevant academic certificates for directors, if any
    • Commissioner for Oaths / Attestation on all relevant academic certificates
    • S&P for office or Tenancy Agreement for office 
  3. Visit the MOF License Registration website: ePerolehan website and submit the required documents for your application
  4. Once all documents are submitted, it will take around a week for the application to be reviewed and approved
  5. Once approved, the MOF Registration Certificate is valid for 3 years from approval and you may apply for renewal 3 months before the expiry date on the certificate

You may also refer to the video guide below (in Bahasa Malaysia):

For more information regarding your application, please refer to the ePerolehan website. If you are interested in learning how Quadrant Biz Solutions can assist you with your company incorporation or provision of company secretary you may reach out to our team to learn more via our contact page.

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