Services for Listed Companies

As a listed company, you may wish to embark on any number of corporate exercises from time to time. These may include Rights Issue, Share Transfers, Bonus Issue, Loan/Capital Repayment, and more.  All of these exercises require specialist in-depth knowledge and expertise to ensure that your organisation remains compliant with Bursa Malaysia and Securities Commission regulations.

At Quadrant Biz Solutions, we bring an extensive 30-year track record of working with listed companies in Malaysia. This means that your organisation can be confident of receiving the best professional Company Secretarial advice and services for the task at hand.

Our range of such services includes:

  • Assistance with special assignments / corporate exercises including:
    • Rights Issue/Restricted Offer
    • Bonus Issue
    • Scheme of Arrangement
    • General Offer/Privatisation
    • Loan Stock Conversion/Redemption
    • Capital Repayment
    • Status conversion of a company
    • Flotation of company on Bursa Malaysia
    • Share buyback schemes
    • Amendments to the Constitution
    • Employee Share Scheme/Share Grant Plan
  • Provision of Virtual AGM Solution
  • Assistance with application for licences / permits and / or relevant registration with Government authorities
  • Full company searches at Companies Commission of Malaysia
  • Certification of forms/documents

Berhad Companies

You may decide that you want to register your company as a Berhad entity, for example if you are intending to go for listing on the stock market as a way of raising capital. Once you are ready to proceed, click below to get started.

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