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Quadrant Biz Solutions has re-defined the classic company secretarial offering by digitising traditional processes to deliver improved service. As a client, you will have the power in your hands to request for tasks, view documents, and communicate with your CoSec from your desktop or via our mobile app.

Seamless Communication

  • Access your company records without the need to ask your company secretary or SSM​
  • Request tasks on the go via mobile or desktop​
  • Minimise paperwork​
  • Improve communication & task turnaround time​
  • Information always at your fingertips​

Instant Notifications

  • Get notifications on upcoming deadlines, when your signature is required or your billing is ready
  • Receive alerts via email, mobile or desktop

Simplified Billing & Invoicing

  • Transparent invoicing and billing
  • Track your expenses via integrated analytics
  • Invoices and receipts are accessible via the app

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