Company Incorporation Checklist Malaysia

Company Incorporation Checklist

Are you registering a company for the first time? Use our pre-incorporation checklist to make sure you have everything ready for the process and save time.

1. Type of Company you wish to Incorporate

The first step to start your entrepreneurial journey is to find out what type of business entity you wish to incorporate. Each type has its own characteristics. Read more in the link below:

  • Enterprise / Sole Proprietorship
  • Sdn Bhd / Private Limited
  • Berhad / Public Limited

More information on different business entities in Malaysia

2. Proposed Name(s) for your Company

The next step is to determine what you plan to name your company so that your preferred name can be applied for. It’s best to have a couple of alternatives lined up just in case.

Be aware that in Malaysia, there are certain words that are not allowed to be used as company names. These include offensive and gazetted words, as well other controlled terms such as “bank”, “royal”, and ”national”.

Find more information on how to choose a good company name

3. Business Activity Details

Make sure you have a clear idea about the business activities (business nature and industry) you plan to carry out.

4. Business Address

For your company incorporation, a Business Address is needed. The business address describes where you are carrying out your main business activities. This can be your company HQ, factory address, or home address if you are yet to set up an office.

5. Details of Director(s)

Malaysia requires a minimum of one of the directors to be residing in Malaysia (can be citizen, permanent resident (PR), or employment pass holder)

  1. Name of director
  2. Nationality of director
  3. Residential address of director
  4. Is the director residing in Malaysia
  5. ID document of director (scan of IC or Passport)
  6. Proof of residency of director (internet bill, utility invoice, rental agreement or bank statement)

6. Details of Shareholder(s)

  1. Name(s) of shareholder
  2. Nationality of shareholder
  3. Address of shareholder
  4. ID document of shareholder (scan of IC or Passport)

7. Shareholding Structure

  1. Paid-up capital
  2. Number of shares issued and % holding of respective shareholders
  3. Type of shares owned by shareholders – Ordinary or Preference shares

Get Assistance from our Team

If you have any questions about your company incorporation you can contact our team for some advice. If you are ready to start your company incorporation you can submit your details here and we will help you get started.

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