How to Change Your Company Secretary

How to Change Your Company Secretary

It’s not uncommon for companies to change their company secretary, especially if they’re looking for a pair of capable hands to manage their corporate administration and compliance filing matters. And when the digitisation of processes are part of the service, it makes even more sense. With digitisation, it’ll be easier and more convenient to keep track of your files and the progress of your documents, maintaining a high level of transparency between the company and the company secretary. However, if the company secretary is negligent in their duties, the blame will fall on the director as it is their responsibility to ensure the company secretary has fulfilled their duties.

There are several reasons why companies should change their company secretaries, including:

  • Not receiving documents in a timely manner
  • Not being reminded on the deadlines to submit accounts or other compliance documents to SSM
  • The advice given on the company matters is inaccurate or incomplete
  • The prices are unreasonable and are paired with multiple other hidden charges
  • Company secretary was uncontactable

As such, it is essential that a company has an efficient, professional and reliable company secretary.


If you’re looking to change your company secretary, here are 4 simple steps for you to get signed up with Quadrant Biz Solutions:

  1. Register Online
    To get started, first register on our website. Follow the easy steps and select the services you wish to receive from us or consider our corporate secretary package. Once your request has been received, we will be in contact with you to send you an engagement letter.
  2. Notify your existing company secretary
    We will provide you with a draft of a termination letter to send to your existing company secretary. We will also ask you to share the details of your current company secretary so that we can contact them to handle the transfer. You should also ensure that any outstanding bills owing to the existing company secretary have been paid.
  3. Sign any resolution and extract document
    We will prepare the resolution and extract for signatures by the company directors. Once signed, we will then lodge the documents with SSM.
  4. Final steps
    We will send an invoice to you and request for all the statutory documents from the resigning company secretary at a determined date and time. 

It is recommended that you change your company secretary after any significant filing deadlines for your company. If the company secretary feels like they have lost you as a client, there may be some delays or reticence, which, around statutory deadlines, can cause unnecessary stress and penalties.

Another thing to note is that preparing the documents for the change of company secretary is usually handled by the new company and is normally free of charge. However, sometimes the existing company secretary will insist on preparing the documents themselves. By doing so, you should not be charged. If however, they inform you that to prepare the documents there will be charges applicable, the director has the right to decline.

Usually, the termination of an existing secretary and the appointment of a new secretary will happen simultaneously. But it’s important to always keep in mind that the office of the company secretary cannot be left vacant for more than 30 days at any one time. Failure to comply may result in the company being fined up to RM50,000.


So, for a seamless switch,  come and talk to Quadrant Biz Solutions. We’ve helped countless other companies change to our brand of professional and reliable services. Get in touch with us now to get started.

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