MSIC Codes

Understanding Business MSIC Codes

Entrepreneurship has been blooming in Malaysia in the recent years. As of December 2020, there are over 1 million active business establishments in Malaysia. To register a private limited company (Sdn Bhd) in Malaysia, you will be required to submit details on the nature of business as well as business description or activities. The Malaysia Standard Industrial Classification (MSIC) code is a numeric code developed by the Department of Statistics of Malaysia that classifies business activities in an organised manner. 

About MSIC Codes

The first version of its kind was published in 1972 as Malaysia Industrial Classification (MIC 1972). In 2000, MIC 1972 was updated to MSIC 2000 which aimed to serve as a common framework for the collection and compilation of industry statistics from different sources. Revisions were made and new codes were added in 2008, the latest reference in Malaysia is available on the MSIC 2008 system. MSIC 2008 now acts as a standard reference to users of official statistics on the type of economic activities included under various categories of industries. 

Business activities are divided into four hierarchies: Divisions, Groups, Classes and Items, identified by a number coding system. Each economic activity is assigned to one unique code, typically made up of five digits. The list of codes are divided into 17 categories that includes items across all industries.

List of MSIC Codes

We have made a summary of some commonly used codes that is relevant to many business activities, categorised into different industries:

MSIC Codes: Food and Beverages – Baked Goods

10711Manufacture of biscuits and cookies
10712Manufacture of bread, cakes and other bakery products
10714Manufacture of frozen bakery products
46324Wholesale of biscuits, cakes, breads and other bakery products
46325Wholesale of coffee, tea, cocoa and other beverages
47216Retail sale of bakery products and sugar confectionery
47222Retail sale of tea, coffee, soft drinks, mineral water and other beverages

MSIC Codes: Food and Beverages – Food Products/ Restaurants and Cafes

47214Retail sale of meat and meat products (including poultry)
47215Retail sale of fish, other seafood and products thereof
47212Retail sale of fresh or preserved vegetables and fruits
47217Retail sale of mee, kuey teow, mee hoon, wantan skins and other food products made from flour or soya
56101Restaurants and restaurant cum night clubs
56103Fast-food restaurants
56106Food stalls/hawkers

MSIC Codes: Agriculture

01131Growing of leafy or stem vegetables
01132Growing of fruits bearing vegetables
10301Manufacture of fruits and vegetables food products
10302Manufacture of fruit and vegetables juices
10404Manufacture of crude and refined vegetable oil
10407Manufacture of animal oils and fats
10800Manufacture of prepared animal feeds
46313Wholesale of fruits
46314Wholesale of vegetables
46319Wholesale of meat, fish, fruits and vegetables n.e.c.
46692Wholesale of fertilizers and agrochemical products
46531Wholesale of agricultural machinery, equipment and supplies

MSIC Codes: Farming

01411Raising, breeding and production of cattle or buffaloes
01441Raising, breeding and production of sheep and goats
01461Raising, breeding and production of chicken, broiler
01496Raising and breeding of pet animals
46205Wholesale of livestock
46209Wholesale of agricultural raw material and live animal n.e.c.
46311Wholesale of meat, poultry and eggs

MSIC Codes: Fishing

03111Fishing on a commercial basis in ocean and coastal waters
03114Activities of vessels engaged both in fishing and in processing and preserving of fish
03119Marine fishing n.e.c.
03129Freshwater fishing n.e.c.
46312Wholesale of fish and other seafood

MSIC Codes: Flowers

01191Growing of flowers
46204Wholesale of flowers and plants
46441Wholesale of handicrafts and artificial flowers
46442Wholesale of cut flowers and plants

MSIC Codes: Household Goods and Groceries

47113Mini market
47114Convenience stores
47191Department stores

MSIC Codes: Wearable Apparels

13120Weaving of textiles
13132Dyeing, bleaching, printing and finishing of yarns and fabrics
14101Manufacture of specific wearing apparel
14102Manufacture of clothings
14103Custom tailoring
14109Manufacture of other clothing accessories
46413Wholesale of clothing
47711Retail sale of articles of clothing, articles of fur and clothing accessories

MSIC Codes: Footwear

46416Wholesale of footwear
46433Wholesale of leather goods and travel accessories
47712Retail sale of footwear
47713Retail sale of leather goods, accessories of leather and leather substitutes

MSIC Codes: Plastics

19201Manufacture of refined petroleum products
22192Manufacture of rubber gloves
22201Manufacture of semi-manufactures of plastic products
22202Manufacture of finished plastic products

MSIC Codes: Books, Stationery, Printing

46497Wholesale of stationery, books, magazines and newspapers
47612Retail sale of books, newspapers and stationery
18120Service activities related to printing

MSIC Codes: Household Related Items

46491Wholesale of household furniture
46492Wholesale of household appliances
46493Wholesale of lighting equipment
46496Wholesale of electrical and electronics goods
47591Retail sale of household furniture
47592Retail sale of articles for lighting
47595Retail sale of household appliances

MSIC Codes: Soaps and Perfumes

20231Manufacture of soap and detergents, cleaning and polishing preparations
20232Manufacture of perfumes and toilet preparations
46422Wholesale of perfumeries, cosmetics, soap and toiletries

MSIC Codes: Automotive Industry

45101Wholesale and retail of new motor vehicles
45102Wholesale and retail of used motor vehicles
45201Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
45205Installation of parts and accessories not as part of the manufacturing process
45300Wholesale and retail sale of all kinds of parts, components, supplies, tools and accessories for motor vehicles
45401Wholesale and retail sale of motorcycles
45402Wholesale and retail sale of parts and accessories for motorcycles
45403Repair and maintenance of motorcycles

MSIC Codes: Construction

43110Demolition or wrecking of buildings and other structures
43120Clearing of building sites
43129Other site preparation activities n.e.c.
41001Residential buildings
41002Non-residential buildings
43303Interior and exterior painting of buildings
43309Other building completion and finishing work n.e.c.
46594Wholesale of industrial machinery, equipment and supplies
46595Wholesale of construction and civil engineering machinery and equipment
46633Wholesale of construction materials
46639Wholesale of other construction materials, hardware, plumbing and heating equipment and supplies n.e.c.
46698Wholesale of metal and non-metal waste and scrap and materials for recycling
68101Buying, selling, renting and operating of self-owned or leased real estate residential buildings
68102Buying, selling, renting and operating of self-owned or leased real estate non-residential buildings
68202Management of real estate on a fee or contract basis
70209Other management consultancy activities n.e.c
71109Other architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy n.e.c.
74904Activities of quantity surveyors
74909Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.

MSIC Codes: Land Transport Services

49223School bus service
49224Taxi operation and limousine services
49225Rental of cars with driver
49230Freight transport by road

MSIC Codes: Financial Services

66124Foreign exchange broker and dealers (Bureaux de change)
66125Money-changing services
66192Financial consultancy services
66223Insurance brokers
66302Assets/portfolio management
66192Financial consultancy services

MSIC Codes: IT Services

46510Wholesale of computer hardware, software and peripherals
62010Computer programming activities
62021Computer consultancy
62099Other information technology service activities n.e.c.
63111Activities of providing infrastructure for hosting, data processing services and related activities
63112Data processing activities

MSIC Codes: Advertising / Marketing / Public Relations

18200Publishing of recorded media
70203Consultancy services in public relation and communications
74200Photographic activities

MSIC Codes: Education

85101Pre-primary education (Public)
85102Pre-primary education (Private)
85301College and university education (Public)
85302College and university education (Private)
88902Child day-care activities
85421Music and dancing schools
85492Driving school

MSIC Codes: Professional Services

69100Legal activities
69200Accounting, bookkeeping and auditing activities; tax consultancy
70201Business management consultancy services

MSIC Codes: Healthcare

75000Veterinary activities
86201General medical services
86203Dental services
86903Physiotherapy and occupational therapy service

MSIC Codes: Care and Welfare

87300Residential care activities for the elderly and disabled
88101Day-care activities for the elderly or for handicapped adults
87902Welfare homes services
88901Counseling service

MSIC Codes: Miscellaneous

96020Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
96094Pet care services

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